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Archaeology 102: the BC edition

Achaeology 102: the BC edition of the Science of Once and Future Things.

It’s fascinating to think about how human civilization evolved. In Archaeology 102: The Science of Once and Future Things BC edition professor and neighbour Dr. Brian Hayden, archaeologist, takes us through thousands of years of human history and what it can tell us about the peoples of BC. 

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Archaeology – the science of once and future things

Folk U Radio: 101 Series. Archaeology: the science of once and future things and I am joined in the studio by our neighbour Dr. Brian Hayden, archeologist extraordinatire. Brian got his doctoral degree from the University of Toronto and taught  archaeology at Simon Fraser University for 40 years and is now a Research Associate at the University of British Columbia, fellow of the Royal Society of Canada: and, of course, a professor here at the esteemed Folk University.  His archeological and ethnoarchaeological research has taken him to Australia, Southeast Asia, France, Guatemala, Mexico, Ontario, and here to British Columbia. 

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U’mista Cultural Centre

North Island Gazette, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The scent is unmistakable. Warm, dry cedar stills the air in the potlach room that’s full of Kwakwaka’wakw masks and regalia. If it weren’t for electric lights and the hum of climate control, it would feel like time didn’t exist.

The potlach room at U’mista Cultural Centre on Cormorant Island (home of the ‘Namgis First Nation) is designed somewhat like a big house. Museum-goers enter from the back and work around the room counter-clockwise, like a dancer would at a potlach ceremony.

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Indigenous history with Canada

By Kelsie Kilawna, The Discourse, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

IndigiNews investigates the complex problems facing Indigenous Peoples. Our journalists intend to set the table for honest conversation between people who have never walked in each other’s moccasins. We believe that journalism is a tool that can build bridges.

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