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When the Invisible Hand Fumbles: The AIRBnB Phenomenon

It’s pretty common knowledge that we have a housing crisis on Cortes. In fact, there’s a “housing crisis” in many — perhaps most — popular or attractive places in North America and Europe right now. One of the factors often mentioned is AirBnB. This phenomenon (AirBnB now has global impact and qualifies as a Phenomenon!) vividly illustrates the predicament of “good for one is not necessarily good for all” — also sometimes known as “smart for one, dumb for all”.

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The Quadra Project: An Island of Refugees

Islands are not convenient places to live, so why do people choose to settle on them? No single answer will suffice, but some insight can be gleaned from the fact that they are surrounded by water. This separation from elsewhere gives the impression that they are places of refuge for people who are at odds with the world, or when the world is at odds with people.

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Immigration lawyers caution Ottawa on new Express Entry system

Editor’s note: Roughly ½% of the people who moved to Campbell River between 2014/15 and 2018/19 were immigrants from the United States or other nations. The other  99½% came ‘from other parts of BC, and to a lesser extent, migration from other parts of Canada.”(1) The percentage of International immigrants coming to Area C was higher, roughly 2.5%, during a similar time frame.(2) The Cortes Island Profile does not give a breakdown for the number of immigrants. 27.7% of the household moves between 2011 and 2016 involved people from ‘either another province or another country.’ The vast majority were most likely Canadians. 

By Fabian Dawson, New Canadian Media, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Canada’s major overhaul of its Express Entry System to attract more economic migrants will see a dramatic increase in “invitations to apply” (ITAs) being issued by Immigration Canada (IRCC)

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A New Approach to Homelessness: Housing First

As Currents recently reported, homelessness is not just “an American thing,” or “a big-city thing,” or even “a Vancouver Island thing.”  Homelessness is also here on Cortes, where a recent survey found that about 50 people rated their housing situation as “unstable,” and 11 were living rough (with no permanent shelter, in tents or other makeshift accommodation).

Although “housing” might sound like a single issue, it has has knock-on effects throughout our community.

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The Quadra Project – Population

Civilizations are precarious. They seem remarkably permanent to the people who are living within them, but history has a long list of civilizations that have failed. Some were conquered. However most just extended themselves beyond their problem-solving capabilities until a combination of environmental stresses and internal failures eroded the viability of the structure that held them together.

Our present global civilization is a marvellous accomplishment for humanity, unprecedented in human history. Yet it is beginning to feel precarious because the corrective responses that are needed from us to address its stresses seem beyond our human capabilities. Some of these stresses feel overwhelming because of their immensity and complexity. Others feel overwhelming because they seem to exceed our ability to act collectively with resolve and persistence. The uncomfortable feeling we are getting is that the very success of a global civilization may contain the germ of its failure.

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