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Fish and Watersheds

In recent weeks, Hyacinthe Creek – one of a handful of  salmon bearing streams on Quadra Island – has experienced a few salmon swimming up its waters. Their arrival has not been an easy journey!

Life for all adult salmon, for millennia, has been a series of survival challenges. Depending upon the species, life cycles range from 2 years (Pinks) to 7 years (Chinook). For new born salmon referred to as fry, making it from their Coastal and or Interior BC birth streams to salt water can require many weeks to months of learning what to eat, while being swept over waterfalls to then crash through rapids for many more kilometers downstream. 

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The condensed version: ‘The World is Watching COP 26’

The opinions you are about to hear belong to the people expressing them and are not necessarily shared by Cortes Radio, it’s board, staff, producers, volunteers or listeners. 

The World is Watching COP 26,’ is a +54 minute analysis/commentary  broadcast directly from Glasgow by Sierra Club BC. Cortes Currents made a +28 minute condensed version for its Monday, Nov 15, 2021, radio slot.

The ZOOM podcast/video was hosted by Anjali Appadurai and Flossie Baker of Sierra Club BC’s Climate Emergency Unit.

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Thoughts for young activists

Originally published on Greenpeace International

As a young anti-war activist in the 1960s, I met older radical Ira Sandperl at the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence, in California, which he had founded with pacifist folk singer Joan Baez. One evening, Sandperl asked me, “Do you want to know the secret to organizing?” 

“Yes,” I replied. 

“Be organized,” he said. 

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COP 26 is a waste of time, says Weyler

Greenpeace co-founder Rex Weyler advises environmentalists to stay home, international conferences like COP 26 are a waste of time. 

“These climate conferences are not addressing the real root problem, which is overshoot of the human species on earth, and they are not doing anything about the one symptom they are addressing, which is climate change,” he said.

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Fairy Creek and Lyell Island: Policing Then & Now

When Justice Douglas Thompson refused to extend an injunction against old-growth defenders blocking a logging road at Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island, his decision made headlines around the world.

Justice Thompson referred explicitly in his decision to “enforcement […] carried out by police officers rendered anonymous to the protesters, many of those police officers wearing ‘thin blue line’ badges.” The significance of this language may not be clear to every reader; but the judge’s reasoning was important — to more than just the struggle over the fate of the pathetic remnants (one or two percent) of BC’s old-growth forests.

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