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Two Vancouver Island flower farmers bloom, despite wilting global market

Campbell River Mirror, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

In March when the Dutch destroyed millions of their highly sought-after tulip bulbs, it was evident that the pandemic had sucker-punched the global flower business. But even as Canadian flower shops shut and farmers battled uncertainty, a very different scenario was unfolding for two east Vancouver Island flower farmers. 

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Cortes Island Nurseries ‘Bursting At The Seams’

Local farmers produced 85% of the food consumed on Vancouver Island during the 1950s. While a combination of high costs, low returns and cheap imports has almost squeezed them out of the market, there have long been people concerned about our losing the ability to feed ourselves. COVID 19 reminded everyone that, if distribution lines go down, food security could fast become a crucial issue. The increased emphasis has been good for the local food production sector and Cortes Island nurseries are flourishing.

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Building Soil Fertility

April 10th: Building soil fertility with local resources: Biochar, Compost, & More with permaculture enthusiast and owner of New Branch Permaculture: Whitney Vanderleest

Whitney is a permaculture enthusiast who has a passion for all things compost.  Her Business New Branch Permaculture focuses on building fertility with local resources through the production of Biochar & Vermi-compost.  Her goal is to help Cortes become a more sustainable community, by reducing waste, and growing food forests.

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