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Video Of BC's New E-Ferries

BC Ferries released a video of its new e-ferries being unloaded at  the Breakwater District at Ogden Point, Victoria, on January 18, 2020. The transport ship that carried them from Europe partially submerged, so the two Island Class ships could float off. Tugboats guided them through the Inner Harbour and under the Johnston Street Bridge to Point Hope Maritime.

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What's Happening With The Cortes Transportation Committee?

In the Spring of 2019, the Friends of Cortes Island (FOCI) asked the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) for funding to hire a transportation coordinator, to look into a number of potential initiatives. Their application appears to have been caught up in some of the SRD’s Board’s internal politics and turned down. One of the committee members, Kate Madigan, is also a member of the BC Community Bus Coalition. I recently asked her, “What’s happening with the Cortes Transportation Committee?”

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Coming To BC Ferries' Campbell River – Quadra Run

The first of BC Ferries’ new Island Class hybrid-electric vessels arrived in Victoria last Saturday. Their engines are currently powered by a combination of electric, with 800 kWh of battery energy storage capacity, and low sulphur diesel. When the cost of energy storage becomes more economical, BC ferries plans to upgrade to 2,000 kWh and go fully electric. Half a dozen electric ferries are expected to be in service by 2022. Two of these sleek new vessels are slated for our area as one of many improvements coming to BC Ferries’ Campbell River – Quadra run. 

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Electric Is Better – Even On A Remote Island

By Roy L Hales

British Columbia’s EV tipping point may be closer than you think. When you factor in the cost of gasoline, the average electric vehicle is already substantially less expensive that a gas car. Level three charging stations, capable of delivering an 80% charge in 30 minutes, are creeping up the east coast of Vancouver Island, BC. There are now seven stations along the coastal route between Sidney and Campbell River and sixteen in the Greater Victoria area. (In addition, there is a Tesla Fast charging station in Nanaimo and another planned for Campbell River.) Now even people in remote locations like Cortes Island are going electric. On Saturday, April 12, three of the island’s six (and counting) E-car owners explained why electric is better — even on a remote island. 

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Two Wheels good: E-Bikes on Cortes Island

Last April, some EV owners on Cortes Island held an “EV Faire” at Manson’s Hall; they brought their vehicles to show and discuss, and giving test rides to some attendees. Coverage of this event focussed on the big shiny cars; but there are actually more e-bikes than e-cars on Cortes Island, and I felt the bikes didn’t get enough page space.

I therefore asked e-bike owners to contact me if they would like to be interviewed, so I could profile them and their bikes. The first three respondents all had quite different bikes, so this article has three sections, one for each bike:

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