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Living Between Two Worlds

By Roy L Hales

From the beginning, Meinsje was been a prominent voice in Cortes Island’s artistic community. She taught art at the Linnaea school for fifteen years and is a director of the Old School House Art Gallery. Meinsje’s “Dream Caravan” dance troop, her performances at Cortes Island Lip Syncs and Cabarets, puppetry and paintings continue to captivate viewers. In this morning’s interview, Meinsje describes what it was like living between two worlds.
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Susana Vijaya Talks About Becoming More Public

By Roy L Hales

She exploded onto Cortes Island’s Lip Sync stage four years ago, introducing the musical tastes of her native Portugal. She can also render a sultry imitation of Tina Turner. Her radio program Vinho do Porto is among CKTZ’s most popular. In this morning’s show, Susana Vijaya talks about becoming more public.

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How The World Got Into Stone Soup

By Roy L Hales

Catriona Vega’s first Cortes Radio program consisted of live performances into a single mic. She launched “Stone Soup” after returning to Cortes Island about 2012. It is:  “A cup of folk, a cup of world, a dash of Hip Hop, a splash of the jazz and blues with a healthy dose of Canadian artists.” I recently asked her about how the world got into Stone Soup.

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