Two millionth dose

Two millionth Dose: Greater Campbell River statistics

“We have been reaching another exciting milestone, in our immunization here in BC. At some time today, the two millionth dose will have been given to people in British Columbia,” said provincial health officer Bonnie Henry, yesterday afternoon.  

That’s nearly half of the provinces 4.3 million eligible residents.

Photo courtesy Government of BC

Greater Campbell River statistics

While numbers are falling across British Columbia and Vancouver Island, they may temporarily be higher in Greater Campbell River

The difficulty in making that assessment, is that the data released last Wednesday evening was already a week old. 

There were 11 cases in Greater Campbell River Local Health Area during the epi-week ending on May 1st. That is almost a three fold increase over the previous epi-week, but not really a concern. This number was fluctuating throughout April.

Vamncouver Island stats in the weeks leading uo to BC's two millionth dose
Chart compiled from BC Centre for Disease Control data by Roy L Hales

Statistics for Vancouver Island

There were 20 active cases in North Vancouver Island as of Thursday, May 6th and the numbers have been steadily going down for the past four weeks. There were 40 on Thursday April 16th.

The Vancouver Island wide statistics have been falling for an even longer time. There were 508 active cases on Thursday, April 9th, and 187 yesterday.

Some other statistics:

Chart compiled from Island Health data by Roy L Hales

The two millionth dose

In yesterday’s update, Bonnie Henry said, “It is incredibly encouraging to see our immunizations going up and our rates of transmission ever so slowly bending down. It’s also so important that we started to see the impact of the measures we have been taking together in BC, meaning that hospitalizations and ICU admissions are also decreasing. This is a huge relief to many of us, to those of our colleagues who are working so diligently every day.”  

Stats from the BC Centre for Disease Control, which reported 53 more active cases on Vancouver Island

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