RCMP vehicles during a late night investigation

vigilante incident in Campbell River

A vigilante incident sent one Campbell River man to the hospital and led to four arrests. 

Photo credit: Late night shadows by Maggie Stephens via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

The vigilante incident

When the Campbell River RCMP responded to a call for assistance,  in the 100 Block of Thulin St, they found four men leaving a home with belongings they claimed were theirs.

The 40-year-old occupant of the home was found badly beaten inside. 

The four men were arrested for Assault Causing Bodily Harm and subsequently released, pending a later court date. 

Advice for would-be vigilantes

Constable Maury Tyre, of the Campbell River RCMP, advises would-be vigilantes, “It’s easy to understand the level of anger that get’s created when one’s home is violated. However, we urge members of the public not to take matters into their own hands. The end result can see the victim turning into an accused very quickly and violent crimes are typically viewed as more serious than property crimes. In other situations, we have seen the person who takes the matter into their own hands be quite seriously injured as well. What we need, is witnesses who are willing to share information fully on crimes with the police so that police can deal with it expediently in a legal fashion.”

The belongings

Police later recovered thousands of dollars worth of  belongings from several different break ins, from the home, and returned them to their owners.    

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Top photo credit: RCMP vehicles during a late night investigation – courtesy Campbell River RCMP

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