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Volunteer Fire Department chief let go by the organization’s board of directors

Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from

Cortes Island’s fire chief was dismissed this week ahead after five months on the job.

Dave Ives was a few weeks shy of completing his six month probation as chief of the Cortes Island Volunteer Fire Department.

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Ives said he was summoned to a meeting with the organization’s board of directors but that the meeting didn’t happen, and, instead, he was issued notice of his dismissal on Nov. 2.

Ives says he believes the issue came down to not seeing eye to eye with the board of the Cortes Island Fire Fighting Association.

CKTZ News requested comment from the Board of Cortes Island Fire Fighting Association and was issued a written statement from President Chris Walker.

“Unfortunately[,] it became apparent that there were aspects of his leadership style that were at odds with the culture of our fire department and our efforts to help him adapt his style to our culture did not succeed. Matters deteriorated and we realized that we needed to be honest with him and ourselves that this was not going to workout,” the statement reads.

Top image credit: Former Cortes Island Fire Chief Dave Ives prepares to hand in his gear at Fire Hall Number 1 on Cortes Island. Photo by Greg Osoba.