WCC 2019 AGM

By De Clarke

On the evening of February 25, 2019 at 7pm, the Whaletown Community Club AGM was held at the Whaletown Hall. It was attended by approximately 30 members in addition to the sitting Board.

After presentation of reports from 2018-Jan 2019, a short recess was followed by an election conducted by Andy Ellingsen. A Board of 9 members was elected by acclamation. The board members for 2019 will be: Amy Bockner, De Clarke, Rose Fitcyk, Mark Fraser, Izabelle Perry (continuing Directors); Travis Pawlak, Aynsley Phillips, Josh Foisey, and Ashley Zarbatany (new Directors).

A Special Member Meeting is planned for March 2019, at which some changes to modernise the language of WCC’s Bylaws and Constitution (a project first undertaken at the 2018 AGM) will be discussed and voted on.

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