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Weekly Index: Mar 27-Apr 3, 2023

13 posts were added this week and 872 posts, or specific third party channels to posts, were accessed.*

The top three posts this week, in terms of views, were:

  1. Growers Perspective: Boats and Aquaculture in Gorge Harbour
  2. Challenges: The 2023 Cortes Island Firefighting Association AGM 
  3. Vessels of Concern: Signs of the Times (Mar 8, 2023)

This week’s posts were:

Our Broadcast Area

(Stories about or mentioning Cortes, Read, Sonora & Quadra Islands, Campbell River)

  1. RLH – Growers Perspective: Boats and Aquaculture in Gorge Harbour – Cortes Currents
  2. RLH – Challenges: The 2023 Cortes Island Firefighting Association AGM – Cortes Currents 
  3. DC – Vessels of Concern: Signs of the Times – Cortes Currents (podcast added to Feb 2, 2020 post)
  4. RLH – Provincial Biologist visits Cortes Island; Second Western Screech Owl discovered – Cortes Currents
  5. RLH – Empowering the Cortes Island community through Microgrants – Cortes Currents
  6. RLH – Area C matters at the March 29 SRD Board Meeting – Cortes Currents
  7. RLH – RCMP seize drugs and guns in Campbell River – Cortes Currents
  8. Staff – First-of-its-kind” Collaboration Between the We Wai Kai Nation and Starbucks – repost from the Bird’s Eye
  9. RG – Logging’s Carbon (Part 1) – The Quadra Project 

Regions Beyond

(Trends to watch, inspirations and challenges)

  1. TS – Action Group advocates for province-wide transit service – repost from The Nelson Dailey
  2. RB – Will B.C.’s shift to clean transportation take rural communities along for the ride? – repost from Canada’s National Observer 
  3. RB – Unchecked Climate Change puts Canada’s West Coast in hot water – repost from Canada’s National Observer
  4. AM – Homeless allege harassment, while Victoria’s bylaw ensures the ‘safe passage of people’ – repost from Ha-Shilth-Sa

Top 3 podcasts of the week:

(From Cortes Currents SoundCloud)

  1. (For the 10th week in a row) We’ve been drinking a lot more alcohol during COVID, study finds 
  2. Area C matters at the March 29 SRD Board Meeting
  3. Challenges: The 2023 Cortes Island Firefighting Association AGM 

Top 3 locations of viewers/plays:

  • Cortes Currents: CKTZ’s listening area – 19.39%; Vancouver, BC – 7.17%; Richmond, BC – 5.67%
  • SoundCloud: CKTZ’s listening area – 10.88%; Vancouver – 8.37%; Seattle, WA – 5.44%

Stats for March 2023

  • Cortes Currents: (70 new posts/ 2,904 posts viewed) 5,157 visitors made 10,595 pageviews – 769 were returning visitors – 467 of which came more than 26 times and 127 came more than 200 times. 57.2% of our traffic came through web searches; 18.5% came directly to Cortes Currents; 13% came through social media (like Facebook); 11.4% were referred by third parties (like Tideline).  
  • The new Google Analytics G4A program identified a ‘not set’ (i.e. rural) group 401 visitors which appear to come from the vicinity of Cortes and Quadra Islands. The precise boundaries of this group are unknown, but it appears to be subset of the old ‘Not Set’ Area #1.
    • Google Search Console reports: 197,170 impressions on the web, 2,808 clicks, 606 pages with First impressions.
  • SoundCloud: 1,614 Plays;The top 3 points of origin were Langley, Vancouver and Cortes Island. Of the plays that could be tracked back, 69.40% came through RSS feeds, 21.78% were on Cortes Currents; 8.35% on the SoundCloud website; 1.64% on Cortesradio.ca; 1.33% on Google.
  • Radio: no firm stats, I’m guessing that hundreds of people (500?), in an are stretching out to Campbell River and Quadra Island down to Comox and qathet District, may listen to a program over the course of a month and a fraction of that number listen daily or weekly.
  • Apple Podcasts: 77 Plays  
  • Facebook (two FB pages): The top 3 posts were: Ellingsen Woods: making small cabins for the glamping market (588); Area C Matters at the Mar 29 SRD Board Meeting (439); Wayfinding at the Cortes Island Museum (383).

* The website’s software differentiates between posts accessed directly and posts accessed through a third party like an email link, Tideline or a Facebook page.

Top image credit: Kristen Scofield-Sweet at work on her rafts, on Bee Islets – submitted photo.