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What difference are the new Hybrid e-Ferries making? 

Wind speeds of up to 35 kph were recorded on Quadra Island on Easter Sunday. For passengers crossing on the 11:50 AM from Cortes Island, this meant more than a two and a half hour delay at the Quathiaski Cove Terminal before they could cross over to Campbell River.    

Why were the two new hybrid-eferries kept in port while the Tachek continued to sail between Cortes and Quadra Islands?

A ferry worker explained it in terms of different wind conditions. 

The winds died down prior to 3 PM, at which point the ferries resumed sailings. There was quite a back-log by then, but the delayed Cortes Island vehicles were on the 3:30 PM sailing.

A week prior to this: another ferry employee told Cortes Currents the big difference he noticed, since the two hybrid ferries went into service, is they do not leave cars behind at the terminal anymore.

This is a welcome change for Cortes passengers who are used to a one ferry wait before reaching Campbell River and, should we need to wait, the time between sailings has been reduced to half an hour.

Of course this is still Spring. It will be interesting to see what kind of difference the two new hybrids will make during the tourist season.

Top image credit: Cars waiting at the front of the ferry on Monday April 10, 2023 – Photo by Roy L Hales

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  1. Before 1969 there were NO ferries from Quadra or Campbell River to Cortes! Maybe we should be a little appreciative of the ferries we have now, rather than criticizing them and the Company about any little thing we disagree with !

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