Gowland Harbour Views

Zoning meeting for Gowland Harbour Views development deferred, again

The public zoning meeting for the Gowland Harbour Views development, on Quadra Island, could be on hold until next August or September – assuming the pandemic is under control by then.

Gowland Harbour Views 

This project was originally brought to the Strathcona Regional District in the summer of 2010 and, to quote the most recent Strathcona Regional District staff report, “has undergone a number of changes to address issues raised by the local electoral area director.”

That is, of course, Regional Director Jim Abram.

Land owner and applicant, Rick Schellinck, wants to developing 51 residential lots, a campground, marina and two waterfront parks in Gowland Harbour.

His latest application was considered at this year’s January 13th, February 10th and March 10th meetings of the Electoral Areas Services Committee

Problems with the Gowland project

At the March 10th meeting, Director Abram mentioned a number of problems. Over the years, the amount of green space being given to the community has decreased from 15 to 10 acres. There is no archaeological study. The project would most likely bring another 50 cars to Quadra Island and, at times ,there are already two or three ferry waits on the ferry.  

He added that “The big issue, that is being thrown at me probably at least a dozen times a day, is the fact that people want an in-person public hearing.”

The internet is very poor on Quadra and no residents logged into two of the island’s three virtual zoning meetings

Regional Director Brenda Leigh, whose internet connection failed and was attending by phone, agreed, “…. these virtual meetings, they are a disaster, I can’t hear half of what’s going on.” 

Not comfortable with the delays

As this application has been under consideration for more than a decade, Cortes Island Regional Director Noba Anderson said, “I’m not comfortable delaying everything indefinitely.” 

She also did not feel comfortable with the amount of  “reaching into the detail of this that the committee feels it has the license to do. Ultimately, it is up to the applicant to put an application forward for consideration.”

Anderson suggested that when it was possible to for public to attend in person, there be a zoning meeting for Gowland Harbour Views.

This segment starts 1:23:18

Decision deferred, again

Abram insisted that the application was incomplete and sent back to Schellinck again.

He made a motion to that effect, but the vote was deferred for technical reasons. Director Leigh said she could only hear half of what was being said and, as she was connected by phone, she could not see the motion.

Further discussion of the Gowland Harbour Views development  was deferred to the next EASC meeting, on April 14th. 

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