Alexandra Morton is the Green candidate

Election 2020: Alexandra Morton is the Green candidate

The word is out. Sue Moen, who ran for the Green party in the last provincial election and had hoped to do it again, informed Cortes Currents on Tuesday. Alexandra Morton is the Green candidate in North Island.

photo credit: Sointula by Paul Hamilton via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

Morton proclaimed her intention

Morton proclaimed her intention to run on Facebook four days ago (Monday), “I am seeking nomination to run for MLA for North Island as a Green Candidate.  I need 175 signatures by 1st ferry on Wednesday.  I will be at the Li’l Wild Gift Shop at the new dock (in Sontula) from 12-2:30.  You can sign, or give me an earful!”

That meeting occurred yesterday.

The Norwegian based website has been observing events and posted that “the anti-salmon farming activist” has “more than double” the number of signatures required on her nomination.  

The Tyee announced Morton’s candidacy

As of this morning, the Green party has yet to announce Alexandra Morton is their candidate and Morton has not returned Cortes Currents queries, but the Tyee ran the story yesterday. 

Sue Moen is quoted, “I admire and respect Alexandra and think she’ll be a wonderful candidate and I will work with her to get her elected.”

Dallas Smith, who ran as a BC Liberal in 2017, told the Tyee, “I think Alexandra will definitely take away from the NDP in this one.”

Alexandra Morton said the NDP has done some good things, but the best election outcome would be a minority government “with a Green rudder on it.”

Top photo credit: Alexandra Morton – submitted photo from my 2014 interview.

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