A woman standing on a lawn overlooking the beach

Cortes Island family donates a portion of its profits towards marine conservation

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By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from Canada-info.ca

Inspired by the enthusiasm her teenage sons shared after being on hand for a high school presentation nearly 10 years ago, Cortes Creations owner Leslie Mack-Mumford got creative. The family business was looking for a way to generate enough money to donate towards marine conservation initiatives.

And so 10,000 Whales was born, a wing of Cortes Creations, the local health and natural skin care products enterprise.

Through Mack-Mumford, and sons Manuel and Marino’s artistic efforts, sales on products such as cards, photos and designs for Cortes Creations featuring whale and ocean motifs, have helped fund 10,000 Whales—50 per cent of profits donated to marine conservation projects.

The 10,000 Whales project has quietly evolved since 2013. Since then it’s raised $3,000. The organization was a first time sponsor of the recent Mother’s Day beach clean up on a debris-prone beach. The volunteer effort was organized by the environmental stewardship and education organization, Friends of Cortes Island (FOCI).

Mack Mumford attended the beach clean up and CKTZ News caught up with her to find out about how a small effort can make a difference.

Top image credit: Cortes Creations owner Leslie Mack-Mumford attends the recent Mother’s Day beach clean up on Cortes Island. Photo by Greg Osoba.