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Small island community Darn Tough on sock warranties

Cortes Island is a noteworthy location for the number of annual warranties claimed through the Darn Tough brand of socks, which are guaranteed for life.

Although the 2022 claims total was only 21 pairs for the island, per capita this is 24.75 times higher than the Cities of Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver combined. Cortes and Quadra Islands together added up to 43 pairs claimed under warranty in 2022, which is the same number as all of Campbell River, said Carly Murdoch in the warranty department of the Canadian distributor, Interex Industries.

Warranty claims fulfillment area at Interex Industries, the Vancouver-based distributor for Darn Tough. Image courtesy of Carley Murdoch.

As a remote island community, there are very few outlets for buying everyday goods like socks. This particular brand has been carried locally by Cortes Natural Food Co-op since at least 2015. “Since June of 2020, we have sold approximately $25,000 in retail value of Darn Tough Socks, likely more than 700 pairs,” said Wellness Buyer Kate Archibald. “We sell the most socks in the lead-up to the winter holidays, and given the limited gift-shopping options on the island in the winter-time I expect a lot of people receive Darn Tough socks for Christmas,” she said.

According to Darn Tough’s website, the company has been designing and manufacturing socks in Vermont, USA for almost 40 years. In Canada, they are distributed by Interex Industries in Vancouver, and claimants can navigate to the warranty page for all relevant information on submitting a pair for replacement.

Top image credit: Darn Tough display at the Cortes Natural Food Co-op. Photo by Anastasia Avvakumova

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