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Wit’s End: Design and Fabrication on Cortes Island 

 Wits End: Design and Fabrication is setting up shop on Cortes Island.  Arne Olafson was looking for a space to use his equipment, when he walked into the Squirrel Cove General Store last December.  

“Curt’s a really friendly guy and he’s super helpful. I was asking who had room for such a big machine, and Curt said that I could move into the shop here. I moved in. There was just some sweeping up, and then I had to build a table for my machine because I couldn’t move my whole table from Hornby Island. I did  move the top part of the machine, which fits in my van,” he said. 

Olafson has been living on Hornby Island for the past 7 years, but is well known to many Cortes Island residents. 

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