Funding For Community Halls & First Responders Passes

The Strathcona Regional District passed the bylaws to provide funding for Community Halls & First Responders at their November 21, 2019 Board Meeting. This follows Cortes Island’s October 26 referendum, in which approximately 75% of votes cast favoured the halls and 83% were for first responders.  

photo credit: Entrance to the SRD Boardroom – Roy L Hales photo

SRD chair Michele Bachuck cheered when the measures passed. 

“Yes, I am happy that we have finally moved and adopted both of those services for Cortes Island. I know they were a long time coming for the people of Cortes Island, but now we can finally move forward into next steps and make sure those services get provided,” she said.

“This has to go through our financial plan. There is nothing in the budget for this year. It goes in next year. So hopefully when we are done the financial plan all of those resources will be in there and we can move forward.”

To which Cortes Island Regional Director Noba Anderson added:

“Oh hallelujah, it should not take ten years for Cortes to get an opportunity to vote on a matter.” 

“I am so glad that Cortes has been persistent about these two important matters, the hall service and first responder service and that you showed up on mass. That brings a lot of confidence at every level. The support was so solid that it didn’t allow the board to waver and the board voted unanimously in support of implementation of both those two service bylaws.”

“It is my understanding that they will now go into the 2020 financial plan and be on the tax roll for next year – subject to a contract then being worked out  with the community halls and the fire department. I would expect funds to roll in 2020.” 

Top photo: (i) Chair Michele Babchuk & (r) Chief Administrative Officer David Leitch at the November 21, 2019 Board Meeting – Roy L Hales

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