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Quadra Island Tourist Booth: Possibly More Than 30,000 visitors

More than 30,000 visitors may have been introduced to Quadra Island’s attractions through the Quadra Island Tourist Booth. This figure is a guesstimate. Most of the 27,230 tourists that came between 2011 and 2019 used the facility more than once. There are statistics for 2006 & 2007, a combined total of 6,976 visitors, and the booth has been operational since 1992.

Greeted By Volunteers

They were greeted by volunteers from the Quadra Island Old Age Pensioners Organization branch #91, who man the facility every day from May 15th to Sept 15th; from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

“Seniors enjoy the social aspect and love meeting people from all around the world. There are two shifts. Most of us only do it for half a day,” said Judy Hagen, Manager of the Tourist Booth. 

What The Visitors Said

Visitors left comments of their own: 

  • “Thanks for being helpful, Very helpful, friendly, beautiful & friendly.”
  • “Love the island, lovely place, lovely visit, wonderful to have”
  • “Rod was the best” – from Victoria 
  • “Great island really interesting” – from London
  • “Delightfully helpful” – from the UK
  • “Super informative”
  • “Love the island will be back” – from Israel
  • “Thanks for your friendly welcome” – from Holland
  • “Beautiful, Friendly – from Costa Rica

Most Popular Destinations

Rebecca Spit, “Crown Jewell” of the island, Cape Mudge and Nuyumbaless cultural centre were among the most popular destinations. People also want information about hiking, biking, golf course, kayaking, and whale watching. What can they see in a day? Where should they eat? There are special events, such as the Artist tour, Quilt and Garden tour, May Day and Canada Day celebrations.

Hagen says she has seem a slight decline in numbers since the internet has become more popular.

“We do not see as many businesses wanting to rack or as many tourists coming in.”

Graph from Quadra Island Tourist Booth

That said, there have been more than 3,000 visitors every year since 2016 and 3,114 came last year.

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