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Namgis Elder’s Death Heightens Concern

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The shutdown of First Nations communities is more crucial than ever with the sad news that an Indigenous elder from another island has died from COVID-19, says a Quadra Island, B.C., council member.

“My first thought was real sadness to hear this,” We Wai Kai Councillor Ted Lewis said. “It hurts all First Nations to hear this. Quite a few members have family up there, lots of people are related to that community.”

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Quadra Island Tourist Booth: Possibly More Than 30,000 visitors

More than 30,000 visitors may have been introduced to Quadra Island’s attractions through the Quadra Island Tourist Booth. This figure is a guesstimate. Most of the 27,230 tourists that came between 2011 and 2019 used the facility more than once. There are statistics for 2006 & 2007, a combined total of 6,976 visitors, and the booth has been operational since 1992.

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Beach Logs Come & Go

If you have been to Rebecca Spit, on Quadra Island, or similar beaches along the B.C. Coast, in the past few stormy days, you likely will have spent more than a few minutes mesmerized, watching as well as listening to logs crashing onto the shore. Has this activity always happened on the B.C. Coast?

If you are a long time resident, perhaps 40+ years, the beach fronts today are significantly different from your early years.

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