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Strathcona Regional District Reopens Its Corporate office Today

The public is encouraged to contact them through telephone, email or other electronic means. “Persons exhibiting COVID-like symptoms are strictly prohibited from entering” the building.  “Where in-person business cannot be avoided, appointments are required with physical distancing in place.” People “are required to wash or sanitize their hands before and after entry … Floor markings are provided identifying traffic flow and directing visitors where to stand when approaching front desk(s).” The Strathcona Regional District reopens its corporate office today.

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Can Bluejay Lake Farm Opt Out?

Bluejay Lake Farm straddles the boundary of the Cortes Island fire protection service area. All of the buildings are north of the line, where there is no protection for structures. The property within the protected area is mostly field and forest. Can Bluejay Farm opt out of the protected area? 

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Regional Directors Put Cortes Affordable Housing Project At Risk

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

An affordable rental housing project on Cortes Island is in peril after a trio of rural directors voted to postpone public hearings in their regions until September.

Strathcona Regional District’s rural directors Jim Abram, Brenda Leigh and Gerald Whalley voted to defer the rezoning hearing for Rainbow Ridge, a 20-unit subsidized rental home project for families, singles and seniors, at the May 27 board meeting.

They did so despite staff recommendations to proceed, dismay expressed by fellow directors, and with the knowledge the delay might jeopardize the project’s key funding opportunity.

Noba Anderson, Cortes Island’s regional director, who opposed the decision by her three electoral area colleagues, said it undermined a huge community effort and put the multi-million dollar project at risk.

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Public Hearing For Rainbow Ridge Postponed Until September – Or Later

The political maneuvering began as the agenda, for the Strathcona Regional District Board’s May 27th meeting, was adopted. Regional Director Jim Abram added a “subsequent,’ which he said was way down the agenda. A number of comments, scattered throughout the video below, show that the other rural directors knew what was coming. Regional Director Brenda Leigh alluded to Abram having “something better to propose.” Cortes Island Regional Director Noba Anderson expressed disappointment that one of her colleagues “is trying to put forward a motion ahead of time to not even allow this discussion.” Two major Quadra Island projects – the proposed BC Ferries passenger service and new firehall – have also been delayed because of the Electoral Areas Services Committee’s (EASC) prearranged decision. The public hearing for Rainbow Ridge is postponed until sometime after September 7th, 2020. 

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Cortes Foundation Application Denied

Over the course of the last two months, the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) received funding requests from both of the community foundations operating within its area. At the April 29th Board meeting, they granted a total of $32,500 to the Campbell River Foundation – whose catchment area includes Sayward, Quadra, Cortes and the Oyster River. On May 12, the Cortes Island Foundation asked for $50,000. This prompted an intense discussion of the SRD’s relationship to community foundations at the end of which the Cortes Foundation application was denied.

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