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Summer offerings from FOCI

The Friends of Cortes (FOCI) have just released their summer program of daily offerings for 2022. 

“It’s about educating people about the natural environment, but also really having people getting out there, having fun and enjoying themselves. So whether it’s locals or visitors, we’re really pleased to welcome anyone  who wants to come along,” explained Helen Hall, Executive Director of FOCI.

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Busy times for Cortes Kayaks

Cortes Kayaks has been especially busy this season. 

In May, they took out groups from ‘Adventures in Leadership’ and ‘Teen szene.’ Then there were three 5-day lodge based trips running from Hollyhock in June. 

“Two of those were kayak and yoga retreats,  which I really enjoy facilitating with my co-guide and co-facilitator Jolaine,” explained Kai Harvey. “Next week we are doing our first multi-day kayak expedition of the season. That’s a kayaking expedition where we’re camping and kayaking.” 

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George Sirk & the Cortes Film Festival

Cortes Island will be holding its very own film festival in Mansons Hall on Sunday, July 17, 2022.  George Sirk produced Cortes Cinema’s films, all but one of which was originally shown at either Mansons or Gorge Halls during the 1970s and early 80’s. The exception is a video of Ann Mortifee’s performance at Manson’s Hall on October 23, 1981. This has not previously been shown in public. Doug McCaffry came up with the idea of holding a film festival, when he was digitalising Sirk’s films for the Cortes Island Museum.  

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Laura Balducci: An Artist supporting Artists

Laura Balduci calls herself an artist supporting artists

“I still make my own art. I’m doing a solo show in February 2023, but I also have a little bit of extra energy and I’m not shy. I’m on a mission. The mission is to get as many artists out there, either in person or on the walls to share with the world. I really enjoy working with the artists and trying to get their work out there so that they can maybe spend more time in their studios and make more art to inspire more people,” she explained.

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Bringing ‘Ordinary Magic’ to the Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery

Jane Newman calls her exhibition ‘Ordinary Magic.” It will be coming to the Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery on Friday July 1.

“What I find that I’m trying to do, since I’ve been living on Cortes for the last five years, is express the energy of the land, or the energy of nature. I’m very much connected to the leaves and the birds and the ocean and even the underworld of the ocean. I’m trying to see it, feel it, hear it, sense it — in every way. I really try to re-express that. It’s  very challenging. I don’t feel like I’d ever express it as beautifully as it is,” she began. 

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