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2021: Spirit of the West Adventures: a great year for kayaking

[From the Archives: Oct 26, 2021]

Spirit of the West Adventures had a much better season than expected. 

Co-owner Breanne Quesnel says that after BC’s interprovincial travel restrictions  were lifted, last June, “we saw unprecedented demand for our particular outdoor experience.”

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2019: The Misty Isles New Owners

[Originally Published May 16, 2019]

Many of you are probably aware that Cortes Island’s best known schooner has changed hands. After twenty-one years of showing tourists around our area, Mike Moore and Samantha Statton are retiring. I recently met with the Misty Isles new owners, Amy Bockner and Jonas Fineman, outside the Co-op in Mansons Landing. 

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2016: What The Misty Isles Offers

[From the Archives: April 26, 2016]

A thriving ecotourism sector has grown up in the twenty years since logging ruled over British Columbia’s economy. One of the foremost voices in the Discovery Island area is Mike Moore, whose sailboat the Misty Isles has been touring these waters since 1997. This is the first program taken from a long conversation about ecotourism and what the Misty Isles offers ecotourists.

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Summer offerings from FOCI

The Friends of Cortes (FOCI) have just released their summer program of daily offerings for 2022. 

“It’s about educating people about the natural environment, but also really having people getting out there, having fun and enjoying themselves. So whether it’s locals or visitors, we’re really pleased to welcome anyone  who wants to come along,” explained Helen Hall, Executive Director of FOCI.

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Busy times for Cortes Kayaks

Cortes Kayaks has been especially busy this season. 

In May, they took out groups from ‘Adventures in Leadership’ and ‘Teen szene.’ Then there were three 5-day lodge based trips running from Hollyhock in June. 

“Two of those were kayak and yoga retreats,  which I really enjoy facilitating with my co-guide and co-facilitator Jolaine,” explained Kai Harvey. “Next week we are doing our first multi-day kayak expedition of the season. That’s a kayaking expedition where we’re camping and kayaking.” 

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