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The New Children’s Forest Video

The Cortes Children’s Forest Trust has just released an incredible video, as part of fundraiser that will end of Tuesday November 29, 2022.  As the audio is strong enough to stand on its’ own, I am playing it in today’s program.

If you live on Cortes, you may recognise a few of the voices:  Al Huuskonen, Andy Ellingsen, Bruce Ellingsen, Christine Robinson, Daniel Tucker, Emma Mathieu, Kai Harvey, Kiera Tsaknoas, Paul Stamets, Tosh Harvey, Tzeporah Berman, or Zyla Schmidt.

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Students, instructors enthusiastic about early stages of Cortes Island Academy pilot program

By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from Canada-info.ca

Students and instructors are happy with the first semester of a pilot program for senior high school students on Cortes Island. The Cortes Island Academy is the brainchild of parents on the island, where teenagers in grades 10, 11 and 12 had to either be homeschooled or leave to complete their high school education prior to this school year.

The Academy launched this past September. The school year is based on a semester system consisting of four blocks, each lasting four to five weeks: Outdoor Adventure & Leadership; Marine Ecology; Creative Tools For Truth Telling; and Film Making.

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2017: The Gathering Place Trading

Editor’s note: A Cortes Island business was recently one of the winners of NexStream 3.0. While this is a competition for Campbell River businesses, ‘The Gathering Place’ qualified because they moved their packaging facility there nine years ago. In their description of the Gathering Place, NexStream wrote, “It’s hard to describe the energy you will encounter when you walk into The Gathering Place in Campbell River. Although it’s a sophisticated business with cutting edge food processing, quality control and order fulfilment capabilities, it’s also a joyful place to be where you can’t help but be inspired by all of the laughter and the shared passion for cooking! I first met Lovena Harvey while we were looking after neighbouring booths at the market and the following interview was originally broadcast on August 7, 2017. 

Lovena is Canadian and her husband Ryan is from South Africa. They wanted to keep in touch with their families in both countries. Being Rooibos tea lovers, the Harveys sought out a supplier in South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains. That’s where they found Frans and Gerda, who greeted the Harveys with a cup of the best Rooibos tea they have ever tasted. Gathering Place Trading was born.

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Busy times for Cortes Kayaks

Cortes Kayaks has been especially busy this season. 

In May, they took out groups from ‘Adventures in Leadership’ and ‘Teen szene.’ Then there were three 5-day lodge based trips running from Hollyhock in June. 

“Two of those were kayak and yoga retreats,  which I really enjoy facilitating with my co-guide and co-facilitator Jolaine,” explained Kai Harvey. “Next week we are doing our first multi-day kayak expedition of the season. That’s a kayaking expedition where we’re camping and kayaking.” 

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Telling the story of the Children’s Forest: A film to push fundraising forward

A group of youth calling themselves the children’s forest alumni, who have been involved since childhood, are making a film about the Cortes Children’s Forest Trust.

“It’s going to be around five to seven minutes long. We  want to capture the social and ecological spheres  of the children’s forest and present that in a film for people to know more about it and connect with the forest if they haven’t been there. Then maybe more people will want to go and experience the beautiful trees and the beautiful ecosystems,”  explained Kai Harvey.

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