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Beach clean-up in Southern Discovery Islands

A massive beach clean-up is underway in the intertidal zones of the Southern Discovery Islands. 

“The volume of debris we are finding is mind blowing. We are focusing on larger items instead of the tiny little microplastics. We’re trying to get the larger items out before they become the microplastics,” explained Breanne Quesnel. “I know we have some very responsible aquaculture operations in our region, but the amount of aquaculture debris is mind boggling: styrofoam, trays; baskets; nettings and things that have just gotten away at one point – or derelict sites.”

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First Nations Fishermen Rescues Kayaker Off Rebecca Spit

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Lucas Chickite almost didn’t hear it. The Quadra Island fisherman was standing on the bow of the Armada, a vessel working a scallop farm off the east shore of Rebecca Spit, on Thursday at around 6 p.m., when he heard a faint sound over the noise of the engine and hydraulics. The west wind had come up to 20 knots in the afternoon and the water was showing whitecaps. He strained his ears again and looked around, but didn’t see any other boats. He was about to start working, when he heard it again.

“It definitely sounded like someone cried, Help,’” said Chickite. “I starting scanning the horizon and I saw a white hand flash out of the water.”

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