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A Cortes Island Style Forum For Rental and Ownership Opportunities

Cortes Island’s Forum on ‘Rental and Ownership Opportunities’ came to Mansons Hall on Thursday June 13. There were breakout groups on what people were looking for in rentals, affordable ways to become an owner and renting your property out. Regional Director Mark Vonesh brought pizza. The whole board of the Cortes Community Housing Society appears to have turned out. 

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Three Development Proposals on Quadra Island

Editor’s Note: The central question in two of the rezoning applications mentioned below is whether future owners can remove the covenants from land they purchase. This is an important issue on Cortes, Quadra and any other community where there are land covenants.

The potential rezoning of three Quadra Island properties was discussed at the May 22 SRD Board meeting. Rick Schellinck has received approval to hold a public meeting regarding his proposal to rezone 64 hectares at Gowland Harbour for future development. Two applications to remove covenants from properties, so they can be subdivided, were denied. 

Regarding the second item, Regional Director Robyn Mawhinney had previously told the Electoral Areas Services Comittee, “A covenant is defined as a formal, solemn, and binding agreement and, overwhelmingly, the message that I have received from Islanders is that covenants are promises to the community, lasting promises, which must continue to be respected. These properties came with the covenants attached to the title. The purchasers of these properties knew that they existed. While the idea of adding one lot to island inventory isn’t necessarily bad, discharging covenants was seen by many as opening the door to more such future applications and a lessening of the formal binding nature which covenants are meant to hold.” 

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What They Heard: The Cortes Housing Report

The ‘What We Heard Report,’ from Cortes Island’s Housing Forum and the subsequent Housing Survey, has been released. 

“This is a really exciting document for Cortes. The intention of this forum that we did with the Cortes Housing Society and the Housing Survey was really to listen to Cortes and understand what the housing challenges are. We already had a pretty good idea from previous reports and information, but this really gave us a good sense of what the challenges are and then what do people want us to move forward with?” explained Mark Vonesh, Regional Director for Cortes Island. 

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Much more than an ‘Electric Fencing Workshop’ on Cortes Island

Bob Hansen’s Electric Fencing Workshop was delightful. The ‘talk’ he gave at Linnaea Farm, on February 3, was the first of FOCI’s new ‘Create, Connect and Conserve’ event series. It was permeated by stories of animal behaviour as well as visual aids.

“I’ve been involved in 50 plus electric fencing projects in our region over the last six years. Wherever electric fences have gone in, the conflicts were resolved,” Hansen explained.  

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Jan 2024: Cortes Island Matters At The SRD Board

There have been a number of Cortes Island matters at the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) this month. Mark Vonesch, the Regional Director for Cortes Island, is now the Vice Chair of the Electoral Areas Services Committee (EASC). The Cortes Island Dog Control Service Bylaw is on its way to the Inspector of Municipalities for approval. Linnaea Education Centre and Mansons Hall both applied for Federal Gas Tax funding to purchase a heat pump and were denied. Director Vonesch is looking for ways to support them.

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