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The Garden Share and Food Recovery Programs on Quadra Island

Quadra ICAN started up two food security initiatives last week. 

The Garden Share program is designed to increase the amount of food grown on Quadra Island. 

Marc Doll, a local farmer and one of the candidates during the last election, said Vancouver Island grew about half of its food prior to the Second World War. He believes this statistic is currently closer to 4% or 5%.

ICAN Coordinator Ramona Boyle explained that this is the Garden Share program’s second year.  

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Quadra Ican: The Nut Tree Project

On Saturday, 14 volunteers turned out to plant the first batch of hazel-nut trees for the Quadra ICAN Nut Tree Project

The organizer, Jennifer Banks-Doll, explained, “For a few years now on Quadra, we’ve been working towards increasing food security. There’s been lots of different ideas about how to do that. From  perhaps the more obvious, perhaps not more obvious ideas about gardening workshops and learning how to preserve food —  different types of gardening, things like that.”

“Then we thought, one of the gaps here is really plant protein and oils. How do we address that gap? You can’t really produce a lot of oils in this climate or on a small island because they require expensive equipment. Actually it was my husband, Mark Doll, who came up with the idea of planting nut trees.”

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The Bird’s Eye: under new Ownership

The Bird’s Eye, Quadra Island’s only weekly newspaper has a new owner. 

“It was an 11th hour saving of the local paper that was about to close the doors.  Had been trying to find a new publisher for several months with no luck and Amanda Smith, who has been the publisher editor for several years was posting the  final edition when ICAN approached her to ask was it possible to save the paper and could a deal be worked out?” said Ramona Boyle, Coordinator of Quadra ICAN. 

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Election 2022: The new Strathcona Regional District Board

More than half of the familiar faces will not be returning to the SRD Board this term. The former Chair and Vice Chair, Brad Unger and Claire Moglove, were both defeated in their bids for re-election. So were Regional Director Brenda Leigh and former Campbell River Directors Charlie Cornfield and Colleen Evans. Neither Mayor Andy Adams (of Campbell River), Jim Abram (from Area C) or Noba Anderson (from Cortes Island) sought re-election. Only 5 of the 13 Directors from last term were re-elected. Two of the previous alternates from Campbell River will most likely take a seat at the SRD table.

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Area C has a new Director

More than 69% of the electorate in Area C chose Robyn Mawhinney as their new Regional Director on October 15. She learned this from an unexpected source. Mawhinney and her team were sitting in the Heriot Bay Inn, while they waited for the election results to be announced on Saturday night. The scrutineer from her team had not yet arrived and they were enjoying a nice glass of wine.

“I got a phone call from Mark Doll who congratulated me on my win,” she said. “I didn’t know the numbers yet.”

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