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Nanaimo Hunger Strike Finished: More Forest Events Begin

The night before the Nanaimo hunger strike began, Sabina Dennis had a dream about trees. Mother Earth told her, “Why are you scraping off my skin? Now I am exposed. The sun is harmful to me. My flesh is what protects me from it.” The next morning Dennis read about the hunger strike on the internet. She immediately began a fast, but is very slender and became physically ill after four days. She also reached out to the two Nanaimo men through a mutual friend in Sierra Club BC. Sabina Dennis is one of several environmental leaders planning more forest events.

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Day 5: Will BC Protect Old Growth Forests?

Two Nanaimo men are demanding the province take action. It has been three years since BC’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change was given his mandate letter to “Enact an endangered species law and harmonize other laws to ensure they are all working towards the goal of protecting our beautiful province.” Their political ally, the Green party, is “calling on the BC NDP government to implement a moratorium on all high risk old-growth ecosystems across the province, while a strategy for science-based old growth management is developed.” Will the NDP Government protect Old Growth forests?

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Who Speaks For The Wet’suwet’en?

The Wet’suwet’en crises reached our area this week. There were a number of protests, the biggest of which took place in Campbell River on Feb 12, 2020. One of the key questions is, who speaks for Wet’suwet’en?

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Sierra Quadra: A Time For Community Resilience

Sierra Quadra is in the midst of a three part campaign on the Climate Crises And Community Resilience. This kicked off last month, with a showing of the film “Beyond Climate’ at the Quadra Island Community Centre and there are upcoming panel discussions on February 29 and March 28, 2020. (details at the bottom of this page).

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BC’s Largest Climate March Ever

By Roy L Hales

There were climate marches across the province. According to the Vancouver City Police, 100,000 marched through the province’s largest city. Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver estimates 250,000. Someone standing on the Cambie Street Bridge noted it took the demonstrators 74 minutes to cross. SaltSpring Live sent a video of the march in Victoria (embedded below), where 20,000 assembled at the provincial legislature. Some Campbell River demonstrators were among the 3,000 who marched through downtown Courtenay; only two dozen remained behind to protest at Campbell River’s City Hall (story below). A thousand gathered in Kelowna, 400 in Tofino, 400 in Whistler, a hundred in Port Alberni and several dozen in Powell River. I have yet to hear numbers for the events in Kamloops, Chilliwack, Langley, Penticton, Burns Lake, Nanaimo, Qualicum Beach, Ucluelet, North Pender, Mayne, Gabriola and Denman Islands. British Columbia’s largest Climate March ever took place yesterday. 

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