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What’s under the surface?

CORTES CURRENTS is a project of the Cortes Island Media Society, a brand new (in progress!) non-profit organisation which will soon incorporate under the BC Societies Act.

The mission statement of this Society is:

  1. To provide the residents of the Cortes Island area with topical local news coverage produced to professional standards, including fact-checking and archiving.  
  2. To present all sides of controversial issues without influence from advertisers or private owners.  
  3. To promote and practise a civil, well-informed public discourse on current events and issues affecting the island.  
  4. To promote writing, research, and critical thinking skills among island youth.  
  5. To record and preserve the history of Cortes Island for future generations.

The Society is at present privately funded by donation. We thank the generous donors who helped to make our first year of operation possible. If you would like to donate to support this project, contact Cortes Currents; even a small amount will help us to keep publishing independent journalism for Cortes and beyond. If you would like to support this project by submitting an article or audio/video clip, we welcome submissions that meet our Editorial Policy.

— De Clarke, April 7 2019

The ECOreport goes live on Cortes Community Radio

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1(Cortes Island, BC) – At noon on Tuesday, July 8, the ECOreport goes live on Cortes Community Radio, 89.5 FM, CKTZ, which is also broadcast over the web. This is the start of a series of half hour programs that are scheduled from 12-12:30 on Tuesdays and from 10:00 – 10:30 on Wednesdays. The ECOreport ( is a sustainable news site, focusing on how our lifestyle choices and technologies affect the West Coast of North America, but also carrying items of a broader interest. Continue reading The ECOreport goes live on Cortes Community Radio

Launch of the ECOreport

January 31, 2014 (Cortes Island, BC)–A new website is dedicated to exploring how lifestyle choices and technologies impact the environment.  The ECOreport[1. The ECOreport was initially launched under the name Reviving Gaia, in mid December, 2013, and subsequently registered as the ECOreport in British Columbia on January 31, 2014.] is an environmental news website covering the West Coast, from San Diego in California to British Columbia.

Continue reading Launch of the ECOreport