COVID cases in BC by day

8 active cases in north Vancouver Island

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According to a November 9th report from Island Health, there are now 8 active COVID cases in that part of Vancouver Island stretching north from Courtenay and the Comox Valley. While the number is trivial – most of us probably haven’t even seen one of those eight people – the trajectory is not.

It wasn’t so long ago that the reports were of one to three new cases in a week. 

The three Health Authorities with Island Health (North, Central and South Vancouver Island) – courtesy the BC Government
Illustration shows data from Island Health as of Nov 9, 2020

Data for the Campbell River Health Area

The BC Centre Disease Control releases statistics for the Campbell River Health Area on a monthly basis. The most current report displays data to the end of September, at which point there were not any new cases since July. We know that at least two people in Campbell River, itself, caught the virus since then. The statistics up until the end of October should be released this week. 

Vancouver Island

There is no cause for panic. There are currently only 39 confirmed active cases of COVID on Vancouver island and none of them are in the hospital or ICU.

Second wave more than three times worse

However: the number of active cases province wide has grown to 4,891. According to the British Columbia COVID situation report, the first wave peaked in mid March, at which point there were 9 cases for every 100,000 people in the province. As of the end of October, the percentage of infected people has more than tripled.

The BCCDC situation report report for this period shows that while 53% of the people afflicted by COVID were between 20 and 39 years of age, there were no fatalities. The vast majority of deaths (89%) and 42% of the people hospitalized were at least 70 years old – though their age group made up only 9% of the cases that tested positive.

Top illustration: Adapted form the British Columbia COVID 19 Dashboard

2 thoughts on “8 active cases in north Vancouver Island”

  1. It still seems the Lies are the numbers..
    And the fear and isolation are causing anxiety suicide and death more than sarscov2. Most people do not know how to get a test.
    What is an effective true test and where to go for testing. At airports people pay up to 200 dollars for a test. We are as a people being scanmed ..humiliated left right and centre. The elders are still.dying in big numbers that are more than any other bracket of age. This is horrific time for us to feel our government truly has humans st the centre of their agenda. It is stimmbig pharma and corporate business as usual
    . People!ate starving in Canada USA a. And Mexico.
    That huge multintrilluin dollar governments arecdeoending kn local charity to feed thousands is a truth that we are not valued…and atvrisk.of genocide by disease..policing and toxic pollution

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