Canada’s Green New Deal Came To Mansons Hall

By Roy L Hales

Canada’s Green New Deal came to Mansons Hall on Friday, May 14, 2019. FOCI sponsored the townhall event, which was organized by Ashley Zarbatany. Karen Mahon Carrington, a former executive director of Greenpeace now living on Gunflint Lake, Cortes Island, was the  MC.

“This is one of over 300 townhalls that have happened so far across Canada. So its great to feel like we on our little rock, far out on the edge of the ocean, get to participate in developing a grassroots, bottom-up, policy mandate that will challenge all political parties in Canada to respond to what is a real climate emergency. It is a different issue than what they are used to dealing with, when they can take their time and spend four years, and eight years and ten years. We don’t have that time. The Green New Deal is an initiative to get Canadians to speak to our politicians collectively and say this is what we want to see. That is what we are going to do tonight.”  – Karen Mahon

“In my lifetime we will not see the changes that we are spearheading now, but hopefully my son and his children will. That helps me to move forward and stay motivated and not get stuck and not drown because that is really to do in this day and age. SO without further adieu I want to welcome all of you to our territory and I look forward to interacting with you guys for the rest of the night.” – Jacqueline Matthieu, Klahoose First Nation

The Videos We Watched

Or Contributions

The Green New Deal is like a container to put all of our ides into. These are some of the categories that the people at the Mansons Landing townhall Meeting thought should be carried forward.

Canada’s Green New Deal
Green Lines: To be put into action
Canada’s Green New Deal
More Green Lines
Canada’s Green New Deal
Red LInes: Things we do not want to see

Top photo credit: Mansons Hall on Cortes Island – Courtesy Google Maps

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