Folk U FieldTrip: Native Plant FireScaping

On June 3, guests joined Autumn Barret Morgan and host Manda Aufochs Gillespie at the Mansons Village Commons for a special Folk U Field Trip (simulcast on the radio) event to learn both the how and why of firescaping with native plants AND get a chance to see and learn how.

In this free workshop geared towards adults, Autumn shared her knowledge around Fire-scaping and talked about its importance in our community. This workshop educated folks on how to decrease likelihood of fire-spread in our neighbourhoods and local ecosystems, thus empowering us to take action in Fire-scaping at our home and in our neighbourhoods! They spent the last hour Fire-scaping and Fire-scape designing Mansons Hall, the CKTZ Radio Station, FOCI Office and CCEDA Lands together!

The information in this workshop will help you achieve a lower Threat Assessment Risk. After learning about Fire-scaping and put it to practice at the Hall, participants were encouraged to take their knowledge back home to your neighbourhoods and work together to get woody debris out to the roadside for the June 19th woody-debris pick up.

The first part of this program (podcast above) aired on FolkU Radio on CKTZ 89.5 FM and

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