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David Sukuki On Covid 19

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

David Suzuki put more than 350 people on hold Thursday evening after spotting salmon leaping in the ocean through the window of the Quadra Island home where he’s currently riding out the coronavirus pandemic. Canada’s best-known environmental activist, scientist and broadcaster was participating in a Zoom call hosted by National Observer to discuss the intersection of COVID-19 and climate change. But unable to contain his excitement, the 84-year-old naturalist wandered off-screen to alert his family to the beauty unfolding before him. The moment only underscored the point he’d been making during his conversation with National Observer CEO and editor-in-chief Linda Solomon Wood, that despite the havoc COVID-19 is wreaking on people and their families, public health and economies worldwide, the virus was providing a breather for the environment.

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COP 21 reached An Agreement

By Roy L Hales


COP 21 reached an agreement. Fossil fuel usage will be phased out by 2050. The international community will adopt a goal of keeping the global temperature rise at 1.5 degrees, but does not yet have the pledges that will make this possible. According to Adam Scott of Environmental Defence, in Paris, the current pledges will only limit the  rise to 3 degrees.

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Bringing COP 21 Home To Canada

By Roy L Hales


Though she is still vague as to how things will come about, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has been spreading hope around Paris.  Her emphasis on the need to enshrine “the importance of respecting human rights, including the rights of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples” in the Climate Change Agreement begs the question what about Canada. McKenna responded this morning, in a press conference where she talked about bringing COP 21 home to Canada

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Has Canada Come Back?

By Roy L Hales


The Canadian delegation in Paris is more than 250 strong. In addition to the Prime Minister, five Premiers, representatives from the provinces and Territories whose Premiers did not attend, representatives from all the opposition parties, twenty negotiators, support staff, personal from the Canadian embassy in Paris, mayors, business people, youth leaders,  environmentalists and reporters. There has never been a Canadian delegation this large at any previous COP and the sheer size of this endeavour shows that  Canada is taking COP 21 seriously. After a decade of withdrawal from the fight against Climate Change, has Canada come back?

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Canada Is Back In The Fight Against Climate Change

By Roy L Hales


Catherine McKenna, Canada’s new Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, has already been  in Paris. She met with her international counterparts for three days to discuss key issues prior to the upcoming United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP 21). Some of the most interesting comments came from the twitter feed. They started after McKenna tweeted, “Canada is back in the fight against Climate Change.”

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