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A tugboat captain from Heriot Bay

Campbell River is a hub for Vancouver Island tugboat companies, but Reuben Buerge lives in Heriot Bay on Quadra Island. 

“When I first started, I was the deck hand. At that time we were towing log booms up and down the coast. I worked locally here on a really cool boat called the Utah  for a winter too. Then,  I had a job up in Prince Rupert and it was all rock barges, they were building breakwaters and stuff like that,” he explained. 

Now Buerge is a tugboat captain, working for a company in Vancouver. 

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Kayak Surfing off Quadra Island

Reuben Buerge has been surfing sea kayaks in our area for the past 10 to 12 years. 

This relatively recent sport only reached North America during the 1980s and Buerge is not aware of reaching the waters off Quadra Island more than two decades ago. 

“Surfing sea kayaks is a pretty kind of niche-y thing. You really only  see it in a few areas in the world and we’re lucky enough to have that amazing feature in our backyard that’s perfect for us,” he explained. 

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The passion behind Wild Waterways Adventures

Wild Waterways Adventures officially launched last year but for Jenefer Smalley it is part of a lifelong pursuit.

“My whole entire life, I’ve had an affinity and a connection with wildlife. I thought I would go to college to become a wildlife biologist or a fisheries biologist. Then when I finally went to college, I realized I wasn’t really into running statistics and mathematical models, I wanted to be out in the field with wildlife. So when I graduated, just on a whim, I got a job in the field of ecotourism out of Campbell River,” explained Smalley.

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Sightseeing on the Discovery Island Mail Run

According to Luke, the pilot, there are usually sightseers on board when CorilAir delivers the mail in the Discovery Islands.

A man from Campbell River and his sister-in-law from Ontario were on the plane when it picked me up at Cortes Bay, on Wednesday, March 23rd. Neither of them had made the trip before, and they were busy taking pictures throughout the trip. So was I. Everything looks much different when you are sitting hundreds of feet up in the air!

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