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Blockade the Sabine Channel


On October 4, 2014,  group of Lasqueti Island residents joined with kayakers and boaters in a nautical response to the proposed expansion of Texada Island’s coal port. In the interview that follows one of the organizsers, Andrew Fall, explains how and why they decided to blockade the Sabine Channel.

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Four Questions About BC’s Coal Policies

By Roy L Hales


I recently asked the provincial government four questions about BC’s Coal Policies. Instead of answering the first three, their spokesperson replied, “I suggest you direct these questions to Port Metro Vancouver.” Only most of these questions were connected to the provincial Ministry of Energy and Mines decision to grant the Lafarge Canada facility on Texada Island a permit amendment so that it can handle up to 8 million tonnes of US thermal coal every year.

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51 BC faith Leaders Against Texada Coal Port Expansion

By Roy L Hales

Fifty one of BC’s faith leaders have written Christy Clark an open letter requesting she reconsider her decision to approve the expansion of coal facilities on Texada Island. This follows the discovery, last month, that the provincial government secretly approved a plan to expand for a tenfold to twentyfold increase of the material being exported to China. They wrote that coal is “the fossil fuel most directly linked to the rise of CO2 emissions in China” and “making money at the expense of the health and prosperity of the planet is wrong.”

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