A smiling woman responds to a comment, while a stern looking man looks on.

Area C matters at the March 29 SRD Board Meeting

A number of Area C Initiatives were passed at the Wednesday March 29, 2023, Strathcona Regional District (SRD) Board Meeting. 

The only audio clip I am using in this broadcast comes from a segment dealing with Grants in Aid. Chair Mark Baker is speaking throughout most of it. He brings a levity to the board that I do not remember witnessing in four years of observing SRD meetings. You can hear an example in the podcast. There is usually some laughter, even if only for a few moments, in most meetings. As none of the directors had anything they wished to say, this segment is almost like a drum roll: “Discussion: All in favour? Opposed? Seeing none the motion is carried.” 

A smile crosses Chair Baker’s face, in one of the lighter moments of the SRD Board meeting – screenshot taken from the YouTube video.

That clip shows how all of the initiatives that follow were handled.

The draft Integrated Community Sustainability Plan for Area C has been approved. This is a vision document, to be consulted when making decisions or regulations. Some of the stated goals include: 

  • Becoming a net carbon sink and adapting to a changing climate
  • Enabling affordable residential housing to meet diverse community needs in planned areas that avoids sprawl and negative impacts on natural areas and the rural character of Area C.
  • Being inclusive of all people and treat everyone with fairness, respect, and care, resulting in high levels of mutual trust, safety, and wellbeing.
  • Enabling small-scale resource-based economic activity that supports employment and a diverse resident population while protecting environmental and human health and the rural character of the area. 
  • Enabling Area C community members to meaningfully and collaboratively participate in the decision-making process to achieve the shared vision and goals of the region 

You can access a copy of the draft report on the SRD website, or through a link on Cortes Currents

The SRD will attempt to secure a Licence of Occupation for access road and parking area for Hoskyn Channel Landing. This is where people leave their vehicles before crossing over to Read Island.

The following Grants in Aid have been approved: 

  • $400 to the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society to assist with costs associated with the operations of rehabilitation and educational programs; 
  • $1,000 to the Quadra Island Chamber Music Society
  • $2,000 to the Stuart Island Community Association, to assist with 2023 administration and insurance costs.
  • $3,000 to the Surge Narrows Community Association.

Links of Interest on Cortes Currents

Top image credit: Director Mawhinney responding to something one of the staff (Shaun Koopman) said. Campbell River Mayor Kermit Dahl looking on – screenshot from the meeting video.

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