what’s next for North Quadra Island?

Fire Protection: what’s next for North Quadra Island?

In the summer of 2017,  a North Quadra Island presented the SRD Board with a petition, signed by 523 residents, calling for a uniform set of fire prevention regulations for the entire island. This led to the survey, which was mailed out last February. At their June 10th meeting, the Electoral Areas Services Committee discussed what’s next for North Quadra Island

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What Are Residents Prepared To Pay – From the SRD Report

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SRD Concerns

Vice Chair Brenda Leigh pointed out this area was already protected by BC Forests Service.

“They have more resources, like water bombers and helicopters … Wouldn’t the Regional District, if they don’t have the capacity to fight fire in the north end … be talking on a lot of liability? I think we should be looking into what the forest Service is going to be providing.”

Senior Manager Thomas Yates added:

“ … What this survey showed us is that there is a wide spectrum of opinion and the fundamental question is whether we should continue in conversations with property owners and residents? Or just shut that down?”

“This was an enlightening experience for us because it showed there are a lot of people interested in this topic, whether pro or con. Or have differing opinions as to what level of service to provide.  The recommendation going forward is we need to go through a process to narrow down what is feasible? What is reasonable? What is cost affordable?”

“Personally, I think providing suppression service for the north island is going to be expensive, but never-the-less there are some people who want to look at that. I think we need to find out what those numbers are going to be and it may be that leaving it with the forest service is really the best option.”

Should All of Quadra Island Have A Uniform Protection Plan – From the SRD Staff Report

Staff Report To Be Prepared

Quadra Island’s Alternate Director Dan MacKenzie moved, “That a further report be prepared outlining next steps for engaging with residents and property owners on North Quadra Island on the matter of open burning regulations.”

Director Whalley seconded the motion and it carried.  

Top photo credit: Quadra Island forest courtesy www.yakari-travel.de via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)