ochre sea star on the rocks

Tools for Citizen Science on FolkU Radio @89.5FM

Islanders make great observers of the natural world and are helping create meaningful scientific inquiry into what is happening on and around the islands. This week on Folk U Radio, Helen Hall from Friends of Cortes Island and Kelly Fretwell from the Hakai Institute join host Manda Aufochs Gillespie to learn more about the roles of citizen scientists, the tools to help them succeed, and how FOCI and Hakai are helping to make meaningful use of data collected (and how they hope to do even more.) Join us live this Friday at 1 p.m. on 89.5FM or livestream from cortesradio.ca.

Are you involved in a local monitoring project? do you help with foreshore monitoring, seastar wasting monitoring, help to protect species at risk, participate regularly in BioBlitzes, or have other ways that you participate in citizen science? Tell us about it! Ask questions of our scientists/guests. Or find out how to get involved by email u@folku.ca or by calling between 1 and 3 at 250-935-0200

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