Whale Tales

By Roy L Hales

In light of the wildfire situation in the interior of our province, it seemed like a good time for an update on the Strathcona Regional District’s emergency preparedness. Only there were three humpback whales along the route, as I crossed over to Quadra Island to meet with the district’s Protective Services Coordinator. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen whales along this route, but they were still whales in the area when I returned four hours later. So I asked I asked Jessica Towers, who works on this ferry, if she had any whale tales.

Whale Tales

A humpback whale tale by Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

“There have been whales every day, all day, for the last few weeks … We often go around them. It would be bad PR if we ever hit a whale,” she said.

The humpbacks come every spring and stay until the fall.

Towers said the Orcas come in November.

She also likes to watch the sea lions. The ferry comes close enough for people to hear their barking, and smell them.

The Eagles

A bald eagle flying over Cortes Island – Roy L Hales photo

Her favourite are the eagles.

“When the herring are running, you often see them and more than one or two.This year there was about five perched in a tree over on the Whaletown side, getting the herring.They are often at Heriot Bay as well, hunting and flying around. ”

This podcast is part of a much longer program on emergency preparedness, that was broadcast on CKTZ July 19 at 7:00 AM.

Top Photo Credit: Early Morning at the Ferry terminal on Cortes Island – Roy L Hales photo

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