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Tara Warkentin grew up on Cortes. She studied Human Geography at Quest University Canada, where she wrote her undergraduate thesis on oil corporations and Canadian law. She’s curious about community food systems, the role of stories in anti-oppression work, grandmother’s recipes, and what lies underneath beach stones. She is one of the Cortes Currents producers for the Cortes Radio 2020 Local Journalism Grant.

Lessons From Cortes Island’s Bees

One in every three bites of food we eat depends on bees. Without bees, our local and global food systems would collapse. Recently, Colony Collapse Disorder has become a buzzword. It refers to the sudden death of honeybee colonies from a myriad of causes, from toxic pesticides to viruses, to disease, and is becoming more and more common in industrial beekeeping operations. But, could the Colony Collapse plague Cortes Island’s own bees?

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The Linnaea Farm Food Security Guild

Linnaea Farm’s just launched a new initiative – the Linnaea Farm Food Security Guild. The guild offers farm produce, as well as seasonal products such as beef, pesto, and apple juice. It will also host farming and preserving workshops. Members pay a $40 membership fee, and can then top-up their account according to their budget. 

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Food Security

“To me, food security is about being able to relive the individual and community from stress and anxiety around how they’re going to feed themselves and their family,” Loni Taylor says. “Taking that weight off allows our community to fulfill all the other roles that they want to or were meant to fill. And it enables us to be stronger and healthier in the process.” 

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