Noba Anderson vs the SRD

Hearing date Set: Noba Anderson vs SRD

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A hearing date has been set for Noba Anderson vs the Strathcona Regional District, in the Supreme Court of British Columbia courthouse at #500 – 13th Avenue, Campbell River, B.C., sometime during the assize week starting November 23, 2020.

Regional Director Anderson is seeking court costs from a frivolous lawsuit brought against her last year. The SRD Board refuses to pay and, according to Anderson’s affidavit, censured her for showing confidential SRD documents to her lawyer while seeking his legal advice. Director Anderson seeks to have that motion of censure quashed.

Anderson’s lawyer filed her suit on July 13th. 

The lawyers for both sides agreed that the hearing will take 3 days. 

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Top photo credit: Regional Director Noba Anderson outside the courthouse in Campbell River on June 10, 2020. – Roy L Hales photo.

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