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Cortes Community Forest

This week, Cortes Currents presents a conversation with the Manager of the Cortes Community ForestMark Lombard, and President of the Cortes Community Forest Cooperative, Carrie Saxifrage.  The Cortes Community Forest Cooperative (CCFC) is the non-aboriginal equal partner with the Klahoose First Nation in the Cortes Forest General Partnership (CFGP).

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Notes From The Health & Wellness Breakout Group

The following notes are from the Health & Wellness Breakout Group at the April 7th Cortes Island Virtual Town Hall meeting.

In our breakout group we addressed how to best take care of ourselves during the pandemic crisis. This is a summary of our conversation. Importantly, NONE OF THIS REPLACES APPROPRIATE MEDICAL CARE SHOULD RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS OCCUR. And of course, no herbs or supplements are known to be effective against COVID-19. Herbal medicines should not be used by anyone taking medications regularly before consulting a licensed health care professional.

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Boost Your Immune Function At Home

The following article is one of three supplemental items that Manda Aufochs Gillespie submitted along with the Folk U podcast for March 27, 2020. It was originally published on Cortes Radio.ca.

Now that we all know what the virus looks like, it’s time for you to meet your immune system.

This is a macrophage. Macrophages in the lining of your mouth and airways engulf infectious microbes and infected cells, acting as part of your innate defense against infection. Your macrophages have been helping you all along — below are some ideas for helping them (and other parts of the immune system) do their job of protecting you.

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