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2017: Launching Deep Roots Second Season

[From the Archives: Dec 5, 2017]

According to Volunteer and Fundraising co-ordinator Odette Auger, Deep Roots is important because it is “local, regionally based spoken word programming.” Steering Committee leader David Rousseau says, “it builds capacity and connection around Cortes Radio.” Senior producer Greg Osoba explains, “Deep Roots is both a skill building and story telling exercise to generate original stories from people who have something to say.” To which Klahoose co-ordinator Jacqueline Mathieu adds, “The stories that are going to be developed really do need to be told.” They were talking about Cortes Radio’s premiere documentary series. The station will soon be launching Deep Roots second season.

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Tickets for Lovefest 2022

Tickets for Lovefest 2022 go on sale this week. Rex Weyler is distributing them to stores throughout Cortes Island and will be selling tickets at Mansons Friday Market. 

“The whole purpose of Lovefest, right from the beginning, is just a fun community day of people being together. Great music and giving a venue for the artists to sell their wares and have a good day in the sun,”  he said. 

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Greg Osoba On Radio, Music & Life

By Roy L Hales

He helped shape Cortes Radio almost since the beginning. as one of the station’s early Presidents, as a senior producer of our Deep Roots Initiative and most Fridays he hosts the Lunchtime Locomotion. In addition to this, he is a member of Cortes Island’s original rock quartet and more recently Back Eddy and the Procrastinators. This morning’s interview is Greg Osoba on radio, music & life.

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