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Rick Bockner & Bruce Hipkin on Folk U Radio

In last month’s special edition we heard from local emerging artists Jemma Hicken and Josie Simpson. Today we’re going to be speaking with, and hearing some music and stories by local music fixtures Bruce Hipkin and Rick Bockner.

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Paths of Beauty

By Roy L Hales

While I interviewed Rick Bockner last year, it was a musician’s story minus the music.  So here it is again, with eight songs inserted into the audio. His musical roots go back to the McCarthy era, when the United States was purging itself of anything that could be labelled communist. Pete Seeger gave him tips on how to play the guitar. He was a member of the psychedelic rock band Mad River, which released two albums in San Francisco before it disbanded in 1969. On Cortes Island, he is somewhat of a musical icon. In addition to being a songwriter, he is one of the key organizers of Lovefest and the face of CKTZ’s Lip Syncs for the past decade. In this morning’s interview, Rick Bockner talks about paths of beauty.

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