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The Awakeneers New Single: December In The North

The Awakeneers are still living in Willow Point and have just released a new single. Cortes Currents interviewed them over ZOOM and we had our cameras turned off to preserve bandwidth.

Isa McKenty explained how he came to write ‘December in the North’: 

“It was the day before one of our concerts in the Acoustic Matinee Series. I was supposed to be practicing for that, but it started snowing and I looked out my window. It was so pretty that I wrote ‘December in the North’ instead of practicing. It was actually a year to the day between when I started writing the song and when we recorded most of the tracks that you’ll hear on the recording.”

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The Awakeneers return to Folk U Friday 

On July 28, the Awakeneers joined Manda Aufochs Gillespie and Folk U under the big tent at Mansons Landing as Folk U for another Friday Live Music. This is the fourth time they have performed on her show. As Robert McKenty pointed out, “We make Folk University Radio a priority anytime we’re coming to Cortes Island.” 

The Awakeneers just released a new CD, and brought the songs to Gorge Hall that evening and to Mansons Hall on Saturday.

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The Awakeneers (P2): Lost in the Goat Trails

The McKenty family’s first public performance was in the outdoor section of the Mansons Farmer’s Market in 2006. After leaving their rental home at Smelt Bay in 2018, they have lived in Vancouver, at Hollyhock and for the last year and a half in Willow Point.

“We can see Cortes across the water,” explained Immanuel.  

To which his father, Robert added, “We’re looking straight across at a place where we lived for 10 years. When we go for a swim, are gardening, or anytime we look out of the window: we’re looking at Cortes. So we’re not actually gone, in our own perspective, we’re still  displaced Cortesians.”

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The Awakeneers: coming back to Cortes (July 28 & 29)

The Awakeners will be coming home to Cortes at the end of July. They will be playing at Gorge Hall on Friday July 28, and Mansons Hall the following day.

“We are excited that we’ll have a brand new album with us,” said Immanuel McKenty. 

“It was mostly recorded on Cortes Island and the majority of the songs were also written while we were on Cortes. The album will also be for sale at the Cortes Natural Food Co-op, as well as at our concerts,” added his brother Francis McKenty.

This is the beginning of a two part series about that ‘nomadic tribe of multi-instrumentalist songwriters (most of whom are siblings)’ called the Awakeners. We talk a great deal about their album and where most of the songs were written. In part two, which airs next week, we will go to their home in Willow Point, Campbell River. 

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Awakeneers concert on Cortes Island ‘a homecoming’

CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from Canada-info.ca

This Friday, Dec. 16th, the Awakeneers will play their first indoor concert on Cortes Island in nearly three years.

Four members of the ensemble — Robert McKenty, Erica Giannone, Francis McKenty and Immanuel McKenty — spoke about their long and storied history with this island’s community, the many channels where listeners can find their music including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, as well as why they make their recordings freely available for download through their website and proprietary app.

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