Will The Feds Intervene On Site C?

By Roy L Hales

The controversial Site C Dam project was rejected twice (back in the 1980s and 90s), before Premier Christy Clark’s government decided to go over the heads of provincial agencies like the BC utilities Commission and Agricultural Land Commission. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government  issued the necessary permits to start construction during the last Federal election. As Treaty 8 gave local First Nations use of the land this project will submerge, it seems likely that a treaty is being broken. Despite all of this, BC Hydro began what many view as the environmental destruction of the Site C Peace River Valley. Since then a new Canadian government has been elected. They spoke of the need for social license and promised a new era of respect for indigenous peoples. Will The Feds Intervene On Site C?

Components of this half hour long program:

  • An interview with Chief Roland Willson of the West Moberly First Nation
  • an email from the B.C. Ministry of Energy
  • Quotes  from an exchange between Environment Minister Catherine McKenna Party Leader Elizabeth May during  Question Period in the House of Commons,
  • reports of demonstrations against the Site C Project in Fort St John, Prince George, Vancouver & Victoria
  • Quotes from Harry Swain, former Chair of the Joint Panel Review   on Site C, on why it would be best to delay this project
  • Quotes from Marv Shaffer, on how there would be no need for additional power if BC Hydro were not being forced to shut down the gas-fired Burrard Thermal plant
  • References to the BC Union Municipalities resolutions asking the provincial government to conduct a proper
  • An update from the demonstrations against Site C in Fort St John, Prince George, Victoria & Vancouver.
  • A list of organizations that have spoken against the proposed Site C dam

The Photos at the top of this page was taken from the March 13, 2016, at BC Hydro’s Headquarters in Vancouver, BC.

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