Cortes Island’s E-Bikes

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On show at Mansons Landing’s April 12th “EV mini-faire” were not only full size E-cars, but several exciting E-bike options. Owners confirm that modern battery technology is delivering E-bikes that can handle the hilly roads and rough pavement of Cortes Island.

Bob Katzko’s “Fatbike” shown above, has huge tyres capable of softening the ride on our rough and potholed roads, and an impressive range.

“Last summer when the weather was so hot, we used to easily ride the Fatbike to the lake for a swim, every day.”

Other bike options on display were the popular BionX kit to convert a standard bicycle to E-power, and the Citrus Cycles “Tern” cargo bike:

Citrus Cycles “Tern” cargo bike – De Clarke photo

The heavy-duty Tern with its powerful electric drive and generous cargo space can replace a car for most errands. E-bike owners agreed that one could expect to pay $2000 for a basic bike, and up to $6000 for a highly specialised one. E-bike owners were happy about being able to recharge and extend their range at many locations on the island. E-car owners acknowledged that the only official public charging station is at Hollyhock, and is inaccessible off-season.

Top photo credit: Bob Katzko’s TEO Fatbike – De Clarke photo

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