Woman under a big top playing on a guitar and singing to a small crowd

Folk U at the Friday Market Live Music: Jemma Hicken

On Friday Aug 4 Jemma Hicken joined Manda Aufochs Gillespie under the big tent in the village commons for another edition of Folk U’s coverage of the Friday Live Music series. Musician/reporter Louis Belcourt was a special guest. 

Jemma played from her newest CD, ‘Get It Together’ and talked about the production process. 

“It takes a lot to make a CD, mostly money,” she explained. 

“I actually cold contacted this guy named Corwin Fox, whose style of music I have appreciated for a long time. that he plays, I really wanted to work with somebody to produce the album who could hear lyrics and felt the lyrics were really important because my songs are usually pretty lyric heavy.” 

“It took him a really long time to get back to me. but then he finally did get back to me and he said he would love to work with me. So we got together over the course of probably all together about a week and I recorded all of my parts on the album. Then Corwin beefed up all the songs with some amazing instrumental parts that he added on. (It felt like I was playing with a band, it was really nice.)

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Image credit: Jemma Hicken playing at the Village Commons on Friday Aug 4, 2023 – submitted photo