Satellite image of Gorge Harbour Marina, showing locations of both the Marina and Floathouse Restaurant

Gorge Harbour Marina Resort changes ownership

CKTZ News, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation (QXMC), the business arm of the Klahoose First Nation, finalized its purchase of Gorge Harbour Marina Resort last Wednesday.

In a LinkedIn update from QXMC on Aug. 4, the statement read:

“It is with great excitement and pride that Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation (QXMC) announces the acquisition of the Gorge Harbour Marina Resort on Cortes Island. This strategic acquisition will be part of our Tourism division and join our other key property, Klahoose Wilderness Resort, located in Desolation Sound.

We look forward to becoming the new curators of this amazing place, designed and built by Richard and Michelle Glickman over the last 14 years. Please join me in wishing QXMC and the Klahoose Community a bright future with this new endeavour!”

Klahoose Chief Kevin Peacey also posted the news on “Cortes Island is Home,” one of the Facebook groups centered around Cortes happenings.

QXMC General Manager Bruno Pereira explained the reasons behind the acquisition.

“It’s hard to keep and retain good employees. So the strategy behind expanding and purchasing those resorts is so we can offer a year-long position to people [who work in seasonal jobs, like the bear tour guides]. When the bear tour is over, I can bring them to the resorts here in Desolation Sound. Or if I need maintenance guys or cultural people at the Gorge, I can send them there as well. So that entire master plan is really to make sure that I retain the talent within our organization.”

Photo of Gorge Harbour taken in 2007 by A. Davey via Flickr (CC By SA, 2.0 License)

The previous owners, Richard and Michelle Glickman, had transformed the property into an attractive and thriving full-service resort by personally funding substantial renovations, which included new docks and facilities such as a heated pool and hot tub, as well as extensive landscaping and masonry. Michelle had previously written that, “our goal of having the marina was to create and maintain a recreational business on Cortes Island that provides a unique family vacation experience and helps sustain tourism dollars on the island.”

The current managers, Bill Dougan and Tammy Allwork, will likely stay on for a year to ease the transition. Other working staff received a memo that they will be laid off when the resort officially changes hands in October, and then rehired thereafter.

The Gorge Harbour will now be the second such property owned by the QXMC, joining the Klahoose Wilderness Resort, which opened to the public last year.

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  1. Great News. We visited Cortes for 40 straight years. We live in Kirkland Washington. Congratulations. Hope we get to Cortes again. Put my email on a list please!

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