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How to Use Bear Spray: workshop at Linnaea

FOCI launched their new  ‘Create, Connect and Conserve’ series on February 3rd at Linnaea Farm, with workshops on coexisting peacefully with wildlife. Bob Hansen of WildSafeBC explained the effectiveness and correct use of bear spray.

In the course of the presentation, he shared several interesting statistics and exploded a few common misconceptions. Bob showed a WildsafeBC video, and also gave a live demonstration; attendees learned the mechanics of ‘laying down a wall’ of spray to keep wildlife at a distance, or directly targeting the animal’s face. In a brief lecture on bear behaviour, he explained why bears attack, how often this happens, ways to avoid attacks, and what to do if a bear does attack you.

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Conservation Officer Meets Cortes Island Residents

Conservation Officer Jillian Bjarnason came to Cortes on Saturday, January 13, 2024. 

“I was invited over to do some public outreach, mostly pertaining to human-wildlife conflict. There’s a population of wolves on the island  and sometimes there’s some encounters with people. I’m just really excited to be able to get to meet folks that live here, chat with them and provide education and how to co-exist,” she explained. 

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A taste of the upcoming Season at Wild Cortes

Wild Cortes will be giving a peak of the theme for the upcoming season  this Monday, between 1:00 and 3:00. 

Curator Donna Collins explained, “It’s a bit of a preview that’s going to be a family day activity. We will be taking the families out into the forest, measuring trees to find a mother tree. Then we’ll also be digging to pull up some of the mychorrhizal networks and looking at them here underneath the stereoscopes. After that, participants will be actually creating their own mitochondrial network that will link to their own tree root.  They will be building this themselves. Finally, we will be mimicking the connections that all of these mychorrhizal networks and trees make, by making the connections with string and connecting people.”

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 A North Island situation: solutions for Campbell River’s Bear problem

Campbell River’s bear problem is escalating. There were twice as many reports of bears raiding garbage cans this year. Sergeant Mike Newton, a Conservation Officer with the Ministry of Environment, went to the June 27 city council meeting with a couple of suggestions.

They both hinge upon changing human behaviour.

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Safety, Security and Mosaic

Originally published on the Cortes Tideline

Mosaic Forest Management
Colin Koszman, Land Use Forester

Hello Colin,
Thank you and the rest of your team for taking the time to do your recent Zoom presentation with some limited Q&A time for Cortes Islanders. During that presentation, I recall one of you saying that Mosaic is a new company and that you are just beginning to explore the landbase of your Cortes Island holdings. I’m sorry that I cannot be clearer on the exact wording because of course there is no recording of the Zoom presentation available to check the veracity of my memory.

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