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Revised Day 5: Will BC Protect Old Growth Forests?

Two Nanaimo men are demanding the province take action. It has been three years since BC’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change was given his mandate letter to “Enact an endangered species law and harmonize other laws to ensure they are all working towards the goal of protecting our beautiful province.” Their political ally, the Green party, is “calling on the BC NDP government to implement a moratorium on all high risk old-growth ecosystems across the province, while a strategy for science-based old growth management is developed.” Will the NDP Government protect Old Growth forests?

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Should We Reopen Island Rail?

The Island Railway suspended operations on March 18, 2011, due to safety concerns about the condition of the tracks. Plans to reopen the line continue to this day. In fact, one of the items of correspondence at the  Strathcona Regional District’s May 13th Board Meeting was an email from Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog.

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