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Mega-Sized Drought Coming To BC

By Roy L Hales


Though British Columbia’s hydrologists have fifty years of stream flow data to formulate its’ responses to climate change, a recent study from the University of Victoria shows this is not enough. Tree ring data shows that, since 1658 AD, their have been 16 droughts exceeding anything evidenced in the instrumental record. The most recent and severest of  these events took place in 1958. According to one of the study co-authors, Bethany Coulthard, “It was a cool time and yet we still saw these extreme natural droughts.” Add problems like urbanization, deforestation and rising Global temperatures into the equation and we can expect a mega-sized drought coming to BC.

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Some Might Call it Trespassing

By Roy L Hales

Some might call it trespassing. Others will ask who was trespassing? The 38 people who landed on Grace Islet today? The government that sold a First Nations burial ground without consulting with the previous owners? Or Barry Slawsky, the Alberta businessman who purchased this islet and, fully aware that it is a burial islet,  is now erecting a house there?

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Grace Islet: First Nations Burial Grounds are Sacred

By Roy L Hales


The British Columbia government has just decided that the Penelakut Tribe’s ancestral burial cairns on Grace Islet, on Salt Spring Island, can be desecrated.

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